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Increasingly fierce competition has increased the importance of design, that today plays a vital role in the success of a product. The design of a product can be essential for the success of a company in its field and its registration allows it to defend itself against imitators and also to create value for the company; one can think for example of the lengthy war between Apple and Samsung with respect to mobile phone designs.                                                                      

MP supports its clients in design protection by providing advice aimed at obtaining an efficient and effective protection of the design of its products..

What is a design?

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A design is the form of a product, or part of it, that is characterizing and distinguishes it from all others; in addition to the form of products (three-dimensional design), drawings, decorations or other two-dimensional elements, the materials of the product itself or its ornamentation that are new and characterize the product can be registered as design (The Code of Intellectual Property calls them designs and models).                                                      
The registrability requirements of a design are novelty and individual character; furthermore, only the parts that remain visible during normal use by the final consumer can be registered as a design whereas the parts of the product characterized only by a technical function and the parts of the product that are necessary, due to the form or exact dimensions, for allowing incorporation in another product, cannot be registered as design.