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Intellectual property assets can be exploited through licensing agreements, sales contracts or used as security right and can be entered in the balance sheet under intangible assets and can be reassessed in the case of special statutory provisions of a fiscal nature.
Furthermore, during judicial proceedings, it is often necessary to establish the value of the goods subject to violation of intellectual property.
These are just some of the possible objectives of an economic assessment of the intellectual property assets.
Today there are various methods and approaches for carrying out assessments of intellectual property assets whose choice depends on the purpose of the expert opinion.
The economic valuation process of intellectual property assets can be divided into three phases:
- Due Diligence: aimed at detecting and identifying the intellectual property assets to be evaluated.
- Technical and legal examination of the results of the due diligence aimed at identifying the entity of the portfolio to be evaluated
- Choosing the most appropriate methodology to be applied to the approach to the valuation in question

MP has a decade of experience in the valuation of intellectual property assets, and assists clients in all phases of the valuation process.

Patent Box

In this section we would like to add some information on the so-called Patent Box introduced into Italy by the Stability Law 2015.
Patent Box is a facilitated tax regime on an optional basis, which was introduced into Italy with the Stability Law 2015, which provides for a reduced rate of 50% on the taxation of income deriving from the direct or indirect exploitation of the following intellectual property assets:
- Patents granted or pending
- Registered trademarks or pending
- Designs and models
- Utility models
- Plant varieities and semiconductors

- Copyrighted Software
- Corporate Knowhow

The option for preferential taxation for a period of five fiscal years is irrevocable and renewable.

MP assists its clients in the process of decision-making on whether to activate the option of Patent Box regime and we are available for clarifying any doubts.